Thursday, January 22, 2009

Other Activities this week

After our marathon school day on Monday (we did another two hours Monday afternoon, 4 1/2 hours total that day.  Pheeew!) we didn't get into the school room at all on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I am sad about that because Kal-El asked repeatedly to do more school.  Tuesday we had "school" at the grocery store.  Kal-El walked the whole time for the first time.  I like a different grocery store than we went to on Tuesday much better because they have child-sized carts (I read on Parent Hacks advice to bring their own cart from home, but I don't want to do that in the winter like this, it will be full of snow turned black from car exhaust).  He is really good about pushing his own cart.  This store didn't have those (but had better sales this week).  So he walked next to me instead and was in charge of filling or pushing my cart with Me Too as passenger.  He had a great time.  He knew the name of everything we were going to buy and had a blast counting out produce into bags.  He unloaded the cart almost by himself, and even bagged many of the groceries.  Me Too held the list.  

The best part of grocery shopping is what happens when we get home.  I put all the bags of groceries in the house just inside our door to the garage.  The boys get out their play shopping cart and shopping basket, unload the bags, and bring the groceries into the kitchen and pantry with their cart.  Me Too is learning all of the words for the different kinds of groceries this way.  Kal-El has learned where most items go and can put them away himself.  This is not a good plan if you are concerned about spoilage.  It took them 45 minutes to put away the groceries, but the lunch meat hasn't poisoned us yet!  Only one item was put away in the wrong place.  After some intense searching, I still could not find the bag of walnuts (in the shell) that I bought.  I finally asked Kal-El and he showed me where he scattered them on the garage floor for "jumpy squirrel."

On Wednesdays we go to our weekly playgroup.  Our playgroup includes nine families.  There are 9 three-year-olds in the group and 8 other children ranging in age from 4 months to  24 months.  Twice a month we are in someones home, and we go to area play gyms the weeks in-between. We are currently attending a Mommy and Me type class before playgroup, so it was a long day.  We signed up for the class (a special mixed-age "siblings" class) because I thought it would be a safe place for Kal-El to run around nearly unsupervised while I actually paid attention to Me Too for once.  Unfortunately, Me Too, who used to think the class was the bees knees was not interested yesterday.  He lounged across my lap like a wealthy man in ancient Rome expecting to be fed green grapes.  If someone looked at him or tried to talk to him, he hid his face in my lap.  Fortunately Kal-El was in the mood instead.  He participated in all the activities and was quite the brown-nosing little teacher's helper.  After class, we went to playgroup where Kal-El chased all the little girls around the house pretending he was "the Hulk" while they ran and shrieked with joy.  

We were back in the school room this morning and had a great time.  The lightbulb really went on for Me Too this week.  He really enjoyed getting his mat, rolling it out, and carefully carrying different "works" back and forth from his mat.  

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