Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Busy, Busy...

We are still here, I promise.  I have a few posts partly finished, but nothing completed.  My spare time has been spent making new works for the school room, helping my husband finish building a playroom in our basement, shopping for furnishings for the playroom, and sitting outside with the boys while they enjoy our recent spring-like weather.

Tomorrow afternoon I should be able to wrap things up on a couple of posts.  I want to show you our neat swap materials from P.S. Montessori.  You can read her posts about the swap here and here.  Gigi at Montessori Spanish posted about us as well here.  

I also want to show you the boys working with some of their new materials, and I realize I never finished my series of posts about how we've prepared the environment here at home.  Soon I will be able to post "before" and "after" pictures of the playroom!  We are really excited, our family has been slowly working on this project for a couple of years.  We just have to glue on the baseboards, hang up the artwork, and put in the play equipment.  I would have made a Montessori activity for the boys with the baseboards and glue, but I couldn't find any trays at Montessori Services big enough to hold the caulking gun and I couldn't decide if the utility knife provided a point of interest.  Ha ha...gotta love bad Montessori jokes.    

Here is a "before" picture as a bit of an appetizer:

It actually doesn't look too bad in this picture.  This picture was taken before we bought the house, back when we were just "considering."  All of the "fun" stuff in the picture distracts you from the general ickiness.  The low-resolution also makes the floor look like it might be carpeted, but it was really concrete painted with peeling grey paint. Also, this picture was taken before the walls were water damaged.  

Stay tuned.

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