Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Words and Phrases and Some Shopping

Short post today...just a few odds and ends to say...and no pictures!

Me Too is trying out some new words and phrases this week.  Today he keeps saying "I'm Okay..." in a sing-songy little voice.  Yesterday he learned to say "lollipop" (aaah-pop) because I bribed Kal-El with a lollipop when I needed to cut his hair.  Poor kid.  I didn't give Me Too one also, because I wanted Kal-El to be convinced that it was something you could only have when you sit still for a haircut.  Kal-El was feeling generous though and kept offering Me Too licks.  At the end he said "I'm sorry you are too little to have a lollipop Me Too..."  We've been working on being "gracious" when Me Too is too little to do something everyone else is doing.  At any rate, I'm pretty sure that Me Too has said "lollipop" about 3,000 times in the last 24 hours.

Kal-El is trying out a new verbal quirk this week as well.  He starts many sentences with "I thought you were going to...."  This morning when I tried to check e-mail it was "I thought you were going to come snuggle on the couch with me Mommy."  I wonder what he thinks "thought" means?  

I was also surprised today when we were at Office Max and Kal-El exclaimed as we walked by the most super cool modern office furniture display ever "Check it out Mommy!  What is that?"  We picked up an 8g USB flash drive for 17.99.  Now our new digital frame (thanks Grammy and Bumpa!) has all of our favorite pictures on it.  I also really lucked out on some materials for a project I am working on.  They had 15 piece packs of 4X6 magnetic printer paper for $3.59 a pack.  I grabbed four packs, but when I got to the register they rang up as $10.99 each.  Ouch.  I asked her to take them back.  My project was not worth that much moola.  They must have a policy to match shelf prices because she mumbled for a bit on her headset, rang them up at $3.59, and told the person on the other end of her headset to fix the shelf price.  I must admit I had been pleasantly surprised by the low price.  I saw 8.5X11 paper that was $13 for a five pack, and another two pack of 4X6 sheets for $3.59 as well.  Good for them for demonstrating great customer service.  I don't see much of that anymore.

In other shopping news, I ran into Target Saturday night after having coffee at the nearby Starbucks (my husband's brother calls it "Fourbucks" which always makes me laugh).  In their insidious "dollar" section (only 1/3 of the items are really a dollar, the rest are $2.50) they had a couple of good homeschool finds.  For $1 they had 16X26 pocket charts.  It has eight 2X16 inch pockets.  I think this would be good for posting routines, or spelling with word cards or something.  I also picked up a "learning clock" for $1.  They are cute, shaped like puppies or turtles and such, have hands you can move, and apparently can be used with a dry erase marker.  I having a hard time passing up the child-sized tiaras, feather boas, and high-heeled slippers they have in that section right now.  I think the boys would get a kick out of them, but their father would be disgruntled.

That's enough for now, I have to catch up on last week's The Biggest Loser before that episode is taken off the website tomorrow.

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  1. You can tell, or not tell, Me Too that everyone gets lollipops at Auntie's house. The boys always surprise me with what they have to say. Auntie R