Monday, March 16, 2009

Day Off

We did not spend any time in the school room today.  I had a rare opportunity to make use of a babysitter during the daytime.  I ran errands and did a lot of wierd work around the house (such as sorting those laundry baskets of clothes the kids have grown out of or need to grow into that are always in the background in our school room photos).  

The kids had a fun day of play with the sitter.  I picked up odds and ends for an ongoing product and regained use of my treadmill...a pretty good day overall.  

Spring is officially here.  I spent a good portion of the boys' nap out in the yard killing wild strawberry in a very non-organic way...spraying it with weed-B-gone while whispering (so the neighbors don't receive confirmation that I'm nuts) "die, die, die..."  I have spent five years and countless hours trying to weed that stuff out of my beds by hand with no results.  This year I waited for the exact moment it peaked up its evil little head before anything else in the garden and got to killing while the killing was good.

1 comment:

  1. Thank goodness for spring breaks!

    I hope you have success getting rid of the wild strawberry. I think however it's a constant battle as birds eat the berries and the seeds are in their droppings. Just like wild raspberries. Those nasty 20 ft. long canes with the vicious thorns. I hate those things.