Friday, March 6, 2009

Field Trip:Horticultural Conservatory

Our friendly area horticultural conservatory had trains today.  It was an excellent fieldtrip. For me that means it was a short drive, we saw everything we wanted to see in about an hour, it was nearly impossible for the boys to get out of my line of sight, and they learned something.

The boys really enjoyed playing "I Spy" in the train exhibit.  We found a puh...puh...pirate ship, a rrrr....rrrr....race car, (koi), wuh...wuh...waterfall, etc.,  They were both out of the stroller and were really good listeners today.  I was relieved that (today at least) my kids wasn't the one picking the flowers and throwing them in the water feature.  On the way home in the car Kal-El talked alot about the birds in the tropical garden and the things he found playing "I spy." Me Too mostly said "choo choo."


  1. It looks beautiful. I'm glad that Kal-El decided to go afterall:)


  2. What a fun exhibit for the boys. I like how the photos turned out. Nice colors. -Auntie R