Thursday, March 12, 2009

School Day

Today was a very productive day in the school room.  The boys were in there for two hours and spent time seriously concentrating on nearly every piece of equipment.

Kal-El did the following:

  • three part lesson with the "bug" assortment
  • snap frame
  • Pink Tower and extensions
  • Cylinder Blocks 1 and 2 (separately)
  • Geometric Presentation Tray
  • Geometric Cabinet:  Felt the shapes and insets of all six drawers
  • Sorting Task with the plastic animal beads
  • Transferring Water with a dropper
  • Pegboard
  • Marbles on suction cups
  • Melissa and Doug Ball Hammering activity
  • Flower arranging

The only things on his shelves that he DIDN'T do were:
  •  the phonics sounds sorts
  • button snakes
  • lacing cards
  • napkin folding (does anyone ever do those?)

Me Too chose the following:

  • Melissa and Doug stacking boxes
  • Jack in the box
  • nesting dolls
  • mystery basket
  • pegboard
  • geometric presentation tray (circle, square, triangle)
  • ball transfer with tongs
  • object transfer with whole hand (plastic animal beads)
  • object transfer with pincer grip (marbles and suction cups)
  • cylinder block 1
  • Melissa and Doug ball hammering activity
  • button snakes

I was too busy today to take any pictures.  Kal-El has trouble taking the drawers in and out of our geometric cabinet.  He needed reminders to hold the figure by the knob when he traced the figure so he can reach all sides.  He wanted to know the name of everything.  In case you are curious, he voluntarily repeated everything I said as long as it was something simple like "oval, triangle, or quatrefoil."  When he held up a figure, asked "what's this?" and I said "a right-angle scalene triangle" he gave me a dirty look and said nothing.  I think that answered my question.

I did a three-part lesson again with Me Too and the geometric presentation tray.  He could already do that last week, so I probably should exchange the figures.  I was also busy gently reminding Me Too to put things away because he frequently had more than one item on his rug.  This is a problem because when he took out the button snakes he sat down to do it on top of the geometric presentation tray so I already have to re-glue a knob.  He had a minor fit when he wasn't allowed to do the pink tower or transferring water with a dropper.  I plan to introduce transferring water with a sponge soon which he might be able to do.  It seems like now is a good time because he's fascinated with the water.  I had to ask him to step away about ten times.

I think we are overdue to begin maths.  I was waiting until after we do the red rods.  However, Kal-El is counting everything.  he counted the cylinders in cylinder blocks, the marbles on the suction cups, the figures in each drawer of the geometric cabinet, he counted the drawers themselves, the blocks in the pink tower, the pegs in the peg board.   I think I had better pull out the number rods before I miss my window of opportunity.


  1. Hi,

    I've been following your blog lately, and I appreciate that you post often! I can't say the same, but I do appreciate others who do:) Your post earlier in the week was really appropriate to my homeschool as well, regarding young children in the classroom. I have an 18 month old who is VERY interested in the materials I have out for the other children. I don't have a shelf for her, but she has a few things out on the floor. I'm thinking she would like a shelf, though... She has (until recently) avoided the things on their shelf, because they have been there for a long time and she has never been allowed to touch them. Now, they are looking more and more appealing to her, and once in a while if I'm not looking she'll get in to something. I thought what you stated was great, just to keep drilling the young ones on the fact that they may watch, and not touch, and they can choose from THEIR shelf if they want something to do.

    I like to hear what you put out for ME TOO to daughter is a little younger, but I sometimes forget to keep adding activities for her. So, thanks!

    One question: are the button snakes that you make challenging enough for Kal-El? I made some, but used fleece instead of felt because that's all that was available. It is too easy because the button can be pushed through regardless of which way it is held. I am hoping the felt is a little less forgiving and will encourage them to push the button through the right way.

  2. Hello :) I just wanted to say how it great it is to read through your list of the work the boys did (& didn't) do. Thanks for sharing, there's lots of ideas there!