Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring is NOT here

We are stuck indoors for the next 12 hours waiting out a snowstorm.  I rescind my prior comments about Spring being here.

The taxes are filed!  Now I just have to figure out how to get rid of that icky feeling I get each year that comes when I realize how much my husband's paycheck the government withheld.  I'm sure the solution somehow involves chocolate...or a lobotomy.  I wonder how complacent the average citizen would remain about tax rates if they had to mail in a check each month instead of having it automatically removed from their paychecks?

Our order for Montessori materials has shipped so I know I'll be listening excitedly for the doorbell all week.  I also have to figure out how to justify putting number rods in Kal-El's hands when he hasn't done the red rods yet.  I haven't done the red rods because we haven't done the brown stair.  I was waiting to do the brown stair until after I felt we had thoroughly enjoyed the cylinder blocks (because they were our second most expensive purchase).  This is beginning to sound a bit like "there's a hole in the bucket..." In retrospect I have probably been a little stingy with the materials and should have had those out by now.  I think my solution will be to put the red rods out on Monday and let him work with those for a week before I pull out the number rods.  I don't see too much of a problem with reversing the order of the red rods and brown stair.

I'm sure my family members just went into a Montessori-induced coma.  My apologies.

The boys had a sleepover at Grammy and Bumpa's last night.  They had too much fun.  For the entire half-an-hour ride home I listened to Kal-El chant "I don't want to go to my house, I just want to live with Grammy and Bumpa.  Not Mommy and Daddy. Take me back there."  Me Too usually treats me as if I'm dispensable to begin with, but from Kal-El who usually tells me "Mommy you're my best friend in the whole wide world" it stung.  

Me Too is going through what I hope is a stage where Daddy is the center of his universe.  Any time I approach him he gives me the "talk to the hand" gesture and chants "No, no, no mommy." If I ask him "Me Too, are you done eating?"  He says "no."  Daddy asks "Me Too, are you done eating?" He says "uh huh!"  I ask "Me Too, do you want go look at the ducks" and he flashes me the palm while chanting "no, no, no mommy."  Then he walks over to Daddy, takes his hands and asks "look ducks?"  During lunch on Friday Kal-El told me "Mommy, you're my best friend!  I love you!"  I said, "Me Too, is Mommy your best friend too?"  He said (with disgust I might add) "no."

Kal-El is generally a joy to be around except he hates to go anywhere.  "Kal-El, lets get our coats on and go to the most-fun-event-ever" is greeted with "No thank you.  I want to stay home.  I don't want to go.  I don't want to see my friends.  I don't want to play.  I don't want to have fun.  I don't want to eat cake/ice cream/ambrosia. I want to just stay here and be sad"  He starts out polite and it escalates to a tantrum when pushed.  Then I force him into his coat and the car.  He has the most fun ever and when it's time to go I get "No thank you.  I don't want to go home."  He has already told me he doesn't want to go to playgroup this week or to visit his great-grandparents on Friday.  They can't take it too personally because near the end of the car ride home today (the same one where he suggested 100 times that he didn't need a mommy or daddy, just a Grammy and Bumpa) that Grammy shouldn't visit him tomorrow because "she comes over too many times."  There is something in this strange sort of logic that must relate to why he recently has begun screaming "I don't want Mommy to make me feel better!" whenever he hurts himself.  

The good news is that my husband and I had a great date night last night.  We had sushi at my favorite Japanese restaurant.  We read books for an hour at a coffee shop (I'm reading the  Eragon series by Christopher Paolini.  What a testament to homeschooling!).  Afterwards he took me to see my first 3-D movie (Monsters vs. Aliens).  He had to work this morning so I slept in until 9 a.m., quite a treat compared to getting up with Kal-El at 6 a.m.  

I can't believe tomorrow is only Sunday!  Kal-El has requested that we make pretzels again.  I hope to meet my sister for coffee, but we have to work around a lame, work-related obligation of my husband's.    I have to post some pictures of my niece soon.  My sister gave birth to the prettiest little girl I've ever seen.  She visited on Friday and Kal-El had a great time "helping her play."


  1. Mr. Intensity's fav is Daddy, too. He can wrestle. I will not. :)

  2. The red rods are much more challenging than the brown stair. That is the predominant reason for their order. So, if Kal-El gets frustrated or finds the red rods uninteresting (this has happened to me so many times if I present something too early!), I'd go back to the brown stairs and let him work his way up. That's my ""just in case" advice :)

    I've run into the same problem of wanting to give the number rods before the red rods to some 3 year olds who are enchanted by counting. I always hold off until they can successfully line up the red rods correctly. Otherwise, you'll have a mess of a time with the number rods. Enjoy your new materials!

  3. P.S. Montessori,

    Thank you for the backup plan! I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes.

    Julie...I don't wrestle either. I'm willing to try it at this point.