Sunday, April 5, 2009

Coloring eggs and making jellybeans

This year was the first year Kal-El and I have colored eggs.  Me Too was happy to watch from the sidelines.  I thought I would make my own egg dyes as seen here. However, when I looked at the egg dying kits at the store I realized I don't yet have a Mommy stash of those wire egg-dipping things so I bought two kits so we would have those for the future and we just used vinegar and the pellets.  Kal-El and Me Too both liked watching them fizz.

If you are looking for a good Easter book, we have been enjoying this version of Peter Cottontail (except I bought the one that doesn't play the music, I hate books that do that).  

It has great, old-fashioned illustrations that are clever and funny.  Kal-El is fascinated by Peter Cottontail's Easter preparations.  He enjoys the book so much that I think we are going to break family tradition a little bit and do it the way they do in the book.  When I was a kid we searched for our baskets in the house and the baskets were full when we found them.  In the book Peter Cottontail hides chocolate bunnies, bowls of jelly beans, and colored eggs out in the yard and leaves the baskets on the front porch.  

Once he learned that we were going to color eggs just like Peter Cottontail Kal-El announced that after we color the eggs we'll need to make jellybeans like in the book too.  I told him I didn't know how to make jellybeans and he became very concerned.  Quickly he decided that Grammie should help us and insisted that we call her right away and find out if she knew how to make jellybeans.  So, he did and it was a very cute phone call. He was very disturbed that she didn't know either.

However, today she sent him and me the following e-mail:

Dear Kal-El,
I found my recipe for making Jelly Beans. It takes 6-10 days to make a jelly bean< so that is why Grammie buys them at the store. It takes too long to make them at home.
First you have to make the center of the jelly bean. You need sugar and corn syrup and cook it in a big pot on the stove. Powder a tray with cornstarch and squirt little beans of the mix onto your tray. Let it dry overnight.
The next day, you blow off the cornstarch and get the beans steamy and spray it with sugar with a squirt bottle. Then they have to dry up to two more days!
Next you have to "pan" the beans. You put your jelly beans into a spinning drum with your colored sugar and spin it real fast. To make the jelly beans shiny you spray it with confectioner's glaze. Does your mom have some of that?
And lastly you have to polish the beans. This can take 2-4 days.
Then your jelly beans are done. 
I think I'll just go and buy some at the store. I don't have time to make jelly beans. I'm too busy. Are you?
Love Grammie

So there you have it for all of you do-it-yourselfers out there.  I won't be attempting this, I didn't even try making my own egg dippers (or try using tongs...).

Later Grammie sent me a follow-up after relating the story to my sister:

Auntie said I should have told him that only the Easter Bunny has the recipe. Why didn't I think of that? It would have been a lot easier. 


  1. It looks like you had alot of fun. I'm amazed that Me Too didn't want to join in.


  2. Hi, I was just checking out your blog lists. You have so many blogs listed there it's amazing. I found a few I didn't know about. Thanks for sharing and having me on there :)

  3. How fun!
    I just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you on my blog. :)