Thursday, April 23, 2009

No GMO challenge-UPDATED

I'm taking the no GMO challenge.  I just love it when a "challenge" comes along that I was already trying to do's easier.  We've already been working on this for the last three weeks.

In other food news, I'm excited that I will be participating in a CSA this summer.  Is anybody who knows me personally interested in splitting a grass-fed cow with me?


Between my blog and Facebook I discovered that not everybody knows what GMO's are. 

An easy to read post about GMO's can be found here. It doesn't contain everything you would want to know, but it will link you to just about everything you would want to know. Part of its content is a summary of the information from a CBS report you can find here. I found it interesting that 53% of polled Americans who know what GMO's are say they would not choose to eat them, but 65% of food in the grocery store has it in. Labels do not have to say so. Basically if it comes in can or box and the label says it contains soybean oil or corn syrup, it will have it in. It is 99% likely that anything containing sugar (not that sugar is good for you to begin with) will as well. Here's a post where you can read more about what genetically modified means. Here is a post about the myths and realities of Genetically Engineered crops.

Here is a shopper's guide for avoiding GMO foods

Why do I care?  I have been doing a lot of reading and research about food lately.  Can you believe I have done 30 hours of research on milk alone?  So many of my family members have acquired clusters of weird diseases that are rare to get.  It has gotten to the point that I simply can't believe that they each have 5-10 (or20) separate problems.  I think they/we have acquired a syndrome(s) and that this is a result inaccurate government nutrition advice, inaccurate nutrition advice from doctors, and how far food has gotten from what food used to be.  Do I think GMO's are the main, but they contribute and could become a big problem if food continues down the road it is traveling.  One particular book has stood out among many that I have read and it is The Schwarzbein Principle II.  I have read all three of the Schwarzbein books and of the three SPII is the one I decided was the "must have."  It is not a perfect book, but it has caused me to significantly change the way I'm feeding my family.


  1. I don't know much about this. How do you know if your food has not been genetically modified?

  2. Gigi,

    I updated this post so it would hopefully get you to places that can answer your questions and those questions others have had.