Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog Blurb-Montessori Free Fall

With more than 100 Montessori blogs in my reader, it was difficult to decide where to begin with my whole "blog blurb" scheme.  I finally have decided to begin at the beginning, with the first Montessori blogs I ever read.  I am so fortunate to have stumbled upon a few excellent Montessori blogs right at the beginning.  Without these people, I may not be doing Montessori today.  

I remember having a 1 yo and starting to wonder what DID we do all day?  And what will we do tomorrow?  I hit the library and brought home a stack of maybe 15 books.  I was previewing some books like 365 Games Smart Toddlers Play and was somewhat frustrated with what I was finding.  I found I was looking for more of a way to make Kal-El a full-fledged partner in my day, and that I was not looking for a list of activities to do.  Also, the suggested activities didn't always sync with the types of things I wanted to be doing with them.  Fortunately in the same stack I happened to bring home Maja Ptamic's Teach Me to Do it Myself and Tim Seldin's How To Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way.  I had already instinctively done many of the things in the book and the philosophy matched what I felt to be true in my heart.  In in effort to do my job better and stay the course I jumped in and tried to read more.  I brought the Gettman book home next.  It scared the pants off of me and I returned it almost immediately.  The Hainstock books were more my style at the very beginning.  

Soon I started to comb the Internet for blogs about Montessori.  The first one I found was called Montessori Free Fall.  What I loved about this blog was that the author, Steph, found Montessori similarly to the way I did, had a daughter about 6 mo. older than Kal-El so I could "follow in her footsteps." and she was providing pretty detailed posts about what she did, what she bought, what she made.  I could almost follow right behind like lesson plans :)  Most importantly, Steph provided me the courage and the motivation to go back to the library for the Gettman book again and I now use it daily. 

Unfortunately for me, for security reasons most of the blog was taken down and became "private." Steph left up most of what I assume were her most popular Montessori posts after some editing on a new "public" version of the blog.   I thought it had lost a lot after the majority went private, but now looking at it again I see there is still a lot there.  It is hard to tell really, because shortly after the blog went private there was a month of things missing and then added back to the blog in stages, then the author became pregnant and was very ill in the first trimester, then her computer was down, they didn't do school for several months, and now the oldest will be going off to preschool.  Her daughter, "Potato Bug" will attend an actual Montessori school in the Fall, but Steph will be "homeschooling" two other children in the 3-6 age range.  I am happy to see that she is finding time to post more frequently again (at least until she has that new baby!). 

There are some great posts to read on this blog if you are just starting off.  Here are some highlights:

Her blog also has a series of posts that have the title "Preschool Play by Play" that are very informative. This is an example:

Sooo...all in all THANK YOU to Steph for helping me get started!  I really hope she finds the energy to keep us all up to date on Potato Bug's progress at a "real" Montessori school in the Fall, and keep the information rolling on how it's going with the three she'll have at home.


  1. I bookmarked this post a few days ago and just now had a chance to come back to it. I've just started looking closer at Montessori as an option for our kids. We're considering starting our little ones in a Montessori preschool in about a year and I'd like to do as much as I can for them at home now. Thank you so much for this post as I think it is just the right starting point for me. I have some of the books you mentioned and I can't wait to read through the links you gave. Thanks for a great post!

  2. Almost 4 years later…I'm combing through all this info with wide eyes and full of eagerness…but, all the links seem to be locked? Do you perhaps have an update, or am I just much too late to the party? If you have any other suggestions, I'd *love* to hear them. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge so freely!

  3. Rebecca,

    The blog "Montessori Free Fall" went "private" a few years ago, so yes...too late for THAT party. At the time I wrote this post MFF was one of five blogs or so TOTAL about Montessori. As you can see in the left-hand sidebar that has certainly changed! You have to find the blogs that are a right fit for you personally.

    I have stopped reading Montessori "primary" blogs about a year ago and am busy reading all of the elementary ones these days. I do try to keep the sidebar links up-to-date and keep adding new blogs there. You'll have to sit down with a cup of your favorite beverage and do some blog surfing. I also recommend joining the "Living Montessori Now" blog and facebook page. She highlights different posts from lots of different Montessori blog on her facebook page and you'll come across many of the really good ones that one.

  4. Thank you so much for the info. Wow…it's impressive how far Montessori homeschool has come. Thank you for sharing that with me. I'll peruse the list, as well as continuing to read your archives. Thank you!!