Friday, May 22, 2009


The boys have had a very unusual week.  I'm not sure if they remember what a schedule is anymore.  Right now they are both in their beds yelling "I'm all done" even though they haven't napped yet.  

Kal-El and Me Too both spent the weekend with their Grammy and Bumpa.  My husband and I had three solid days of "dates" and ended the weekend more exhausted than we began it somehow.  Kal-El came home with a repeat ear infection.

Our favorite babysitter is back from college which means I have someone available to babysit during the day occasionally.  I took advantage on Monday and had my hair trimmed, eyebrows shaped (the "before" picture was very "Jennifer Connolly in the 80's"except I can't pull it off... well...I could in the 80's), and shopped somewhere other than Carter's or Gymboree for once (you know, stores for grownups?).

On Tuesday we babysat for my gorgeous nephew in the morning.  My husband and I both worked Tuesday night so Kal-El moved back in with Grammy and Bumpa and Me Too stayed home and played with his great-grandparents.  

On  Wednesday Me Too had what we hope is his last laser treatment to remove a port wine stain.  It's an uncomfortable trip to the hospital so he had some one-on-one time with Mommy afterwards.  We met our playgroup at a park near the hospital.  He sat on my lap the whole time and watched the other kids play.  Afterward he and I went alone to my favorite Japanese restaurant for his first "sushi" experience.  He really only had an avocado roll, the lemon from my water, and the tofu out of the miso soup.  However, he did take one bite of my spicy tuna roll.  His favorite was the lemon.  He liked how it was balanced on the rim of my glass and acquired it for his own.  I love where he found a place to put it.

He insisted on using chopsticks.  He needs to work on his technique.

On Thursday we watched my husband demonstrate all of the woodwind and brass instruments to a room full of 10-year-olds.  We'll call that "school."  Kal-El covered his ears whenever the full jazz band played but enjoyed learning that Daddy can, in fact, play every instrument.  Me Too's favorite part was the school bus in the parking lot.  My favorite part was how well-behaved the boys were during the demonstration.  I told them in advance that if they talked to Daddy during the "concert" we would have to leave and they took me at my word.

Today we grocery shopped and cleaned the house quite a bit because my in-laws are coming to stay with us tomorrow.  Posting will probably be spotty for the next week.


  1. The photos of the boys in their brother shirts is adorable:)

    Me Too has quite a sense of humor it seems just like his brother. I loved his slice of lemon on his sippy cup. Very clever of him!


  2. I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to respond back to you. I always read all of my comments but sometimes don’t respond back. It happens by accident but I need to get better. I read the comments, something starts burning or someone needs changed, I plan to respond and then forget…Anyway love your blog. We are very off schedule right now too. My husband was laid off from his job, so the whole family kind of got depressed. We are spending all of our time trying to figure things out, find jobs, and etc. So the schedule completely went out the window. I guess this was her “school vacation” time. Nah, it can’t be that because it wasn’t a very fun one. Poor little girl loves school but her mommy has been freaking out a little bit so the schedule went so very off track. Wow, 3 days of dates! Stores for grown ups? They still have those, lol?