Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Boy

My policy on Kal-El's "big boy" bed was to keep him in his crib under his crib tent until he either asked for a big boy bed or started asking to go potty in the night. Tonight as I was getting him ready for bed he told me he was too big for his crib and needed to sleep in my bed. I let him know that wasn't an option tonight, but that I could put his mattress on the floor like a big boy and he agreed. He giggled with joy the whole time I was getting the mattress out and arranging his animals and blankets. He hopped in happily, cuddled his animals and had me cover him up with his blankets. Kal-El told me "I'm only going to get out of bed if I have to go potty...and then I'll go potty and go right back to bed." I had to work for an 1.5 hours after I put him down so I was a little concerned about making "tonight the night," but I just checked on him and he is sound asleep on his mattress on the floor and I have so far not heard a peep. We'll see how much peeping there is at 5 am tomorrow.

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