Friday, July 17, 2009

Game Day: Franklin Goes to School, I Spy Go Fish

In the mornings Kal-El and I are playing games together that Me Too cannot play with us. We have mostly been playing I Spy Go Fish and Franklin Goes to School. The Franklin game asks questions Triva Pursuit-style and has different levels of questions for different aged players, including preschool. An example of a preschool-aged question is "what is closer to your nose? Your hands or your feet?" Kal-El likes this "questioning" a lot and now that he has learned the game I catch him asking Me Too "questions" frequently. Yesterday they even pulled the game out together. Kal-El pretended to read questions off the cards "Me Too, how many eyes do you have." Me Too answers "mmm...hmmm!" or "no!" (even to non-yes or no questions, although in response to the previous question he answered "three") and Kal-El generally tells him he is "correct!" and lets him spin the spinner and move his figure a random number of spaces.

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  1. I am so glad the boys liked the Franklin game. I thought it would be something they both could play together. By next year Me Too should be ready to answer questions.

    They are so adorable together when they aren't fighting LOL!