Thursday, July 30, 2009


My parents asked to watch the boys for the weekend. They have a pirate weekend planned. I packed the boys' pirate clothes as well as extra eye patches and weapons for my parents. Apparently even their dog will be dressed as a pirate. My husband arranged for us to take a little in-state vacation while they are away. Tonight each boy packed their own child-sized suitcase (while I secretly packed their real suitcase).

Me Too's contained: Nothing. He just pulled it around the house (rolling suitcase).

Kal-El's contained: an ear thermometer, one pair of socks, a book about hibernation, and his brother's toy garbage truck (one of three things Me Too owns that are his and his alone).


  1. Ar!!!! Glad to know the mateys are ready to go.

    Peg Leg Grammie (my pirate name)

  2. Kal-El's suitcase contents actually made me laugh out loud! Hope they (and you) have a great time.

  3. Hehe! Love it!

    At least they pack light.... wish I could learn to do that!