Monday, August 31, 2009


I need to spend some serious time making materials over the next few weeks. Anyone have a psychological explanation for why I spent two hours making the Pythagoras/Decanomial Square tonight when I still haven't made the landforms and globes that come one or two periods before? Speaking of which, I am so far not impressed with my homemade P/D Square. I will provide sad pictures and sadder explanations when I am finished. Two hours in, and I am only halfway done. And I thought that in about an hour I would have made both the P/D Square and boxes one and two of the Constructive Triangles!

I would like to think that I could buckle down and get all the materials I plan to make over with so that I don't have to make anything all year. Unfortunately, I know that this is a pipe dream. There is always something to do. There will be botany cards, map labels, and who knows what other types of flotsam and jetsam will crop up.

In other Montessori news, I placed my materials order today (since P.S. Montessori was kind enough to solve the "orange stick" mystery for me). I also printed out a list of all the subscriptions in my reader and compared them to my Ultimate Montessori Blog List and updated it to include everyone it was missing. There are quite a few new names up there and you may want to take a peak.

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