Monday, August 3, 2009

Pirates Have to Sleep Sometime!

Kal-El recently graduated from sleeping on a toddler mattress on the floor to a twin mattress on the floor. Today he graduated to a bed frame, boxspring, and mattress. To celebrate the occasion I dressed the new bed with new "big boy" bedding.

His nursery had a "nautical" theme that lent itself well to pirate bedding for my pirate-obsessed youngster.

If you have little pirates at home, you can get a closer look at the bedding here, but it is cheaper through Sears and I bought the dust ruffle on Ebay.

Kal-El is sleeping with a safety rail on the bed. With the rail on today, the bed made a perfect pirate ship and kept the boys busy for an hour. A headboard would be nice, but we plan to put a trundle bed in this room at some point. However, we are waiting to see whether or not we are moving before we order one.

Kal-El was out of his bed at least four times during his nap today. Once was "because I love you Mommy and came to tell much." At least one other time was to say "thank you" for the new pirate bed. The good news is, even pirates have to sleep eventually...

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  1. That is pretty cool Kal-el!

    It's bittersweet as well. While he is growing up it is sad to see his crib gone. It seems like just yesterday I laid him down to sleep there:(