Friday, September 18, 2009


Yesterday we all awakened with head colds. Me Too didn't even wake up until 10:00. As a result we spent much less time in school than the day before. Both boys were squirrely to boot. I think that between the two of them, they peeled through seven activities in the first five minutes...not exactly the Montessori ideal. In spite of this, I felt like we still accomplished a couple of things.
Me Too successfully built the pink tower twice (I only have every-other block out right now though, five instead of ten). I also had some luck presenting color box one. He knows the colors, but I want him to learn how to match pairs as that is a necessary skills for many other future activities.

Kal-El worked with the clothesline and clothespins. They both worked at pouring beans. They were mostly interested in a new stack of books they spotted on the shelves.

I discovered recently that I had piles of books stashed in closets all over the house. Most of them were picked up at rummage sales and thrift stores and most of them are vintage "Little Golden Books" that I thought would work well in our homeschool. There was also a pretty good stash of Curious George, Richard Scary, Dick and Jane, and various others. I cleared out a higher shelf in the school room to put them on so I wouldn't forget I have them when I need them. From my perspective, it was a great place to put them. Unfortunately, the boys like books so much I might have to remove them.

Even though they are not on one of "their" shelves, their appearance must scream "kids books!" Today the boys asked me to read book after book after book. I cut them off after eight. They spent a considerable amount of time sitting on their individual mats "reading." I know good schools have stacks of good books. However, our house is full of baskets of books. The boys each have two baskets in their room, there is a basket in my room, and a basket in the family room. Our time in the school room is supposed to be time to work with materials that are not scattered all over our home. I thought that I would be able to set out a book or two on their Montessori shelves that would support certain phonics sounds or culture activities. Now I don't know if that is going to be a possibility. I think that if I want to feature several books each week in this way I will have to put them in a basket in the family room. I thought that might be the case, but I am disappointed that I might not even be able to store them in there.

One of my goals this weekend was to spend some time with each child in the school room without the other child present. I accomplished this with Me Too this morning. My husband will be gone from morning til night tomorrow at a football game. I have a feeling I will not find time to work with Kal-El. I could have done it this afternoon but it was a gorgeous day outside and it would have just been a crime.

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