Monday, September 14, 2009

DIY Language Materials: Link List

Have you ever made your own Language materials? Might you in the future? Have you or will you post about it? If you have in the past, or do in the future, please feel free to add yourself to the link list at the end of this post.

Please format the link title as follows (in the "name" box):

Name of the Material: Your blog Name

For example:

Grammar Boxes: Montessori Is Not For the Weak

I thought it might be nice to collect some DIY links all in one place and do a bit of blog surfing at the same time.

The "Ultimate Montessori Homemade Materials Collaboration" button was created by my friend over at Walk Beside Me. (She also came up with the great name!). It can be copy and pasted. It would probably be helpful for other readers if you would add it to the end of any post you link here so that they can get back to the list easily. It could also be added to your sidebar and linked so that you can direct your readers to the great posts that all of you have written.


  1. Sandpaper Letters - Walk Beside Me
  2. Sound Bags - Shannons Sharings
  3. Insets - Walk Beside Me
  4. Grammar Prepositions Stickers : Aide a la Vie
  5. Sandpaper Letters : Beautiful Sun Montessori
  6. Moveable Alphabet : Itsy Bitsy Spider
  7. Phonic Objects (French) : Les petits Montessori
  8. Movable Alphabet Sandpaper Letters : Les Petits Montessori
  9. sand / salt / cornmeal tray : La Paz Home Learning
  10. Grammar Box Materials : La Paz Home Learning
  11. Pairing - Feather And Card : Leptir
  12. Distant Relatives of the Griffon Vulture : Leptir
  13. Meow! 3 Part Cards : Leptir
  14. Consonantal Puzzle : Leptir
  15. Booklets For Individual Letters : Leptir
  16. First Letters and Pictures : Leptir
  17. Superior Term - Birds of pray : Leptir
  18. Pairing - Feathers and Photos of Birds : Leptir
  19. Sorting Flowers by Habitat Area : Leptir
  20. Booklers for Reading : Leptir
  21. Cards for Vocabulary Enrichment - Superior Term : Leptir
  22. 3 Part Cards - Fruit / Fruit Segment : Leptir
  23. Fruit - Pairing / Sorting / Booklet : Leptir
  24. Whole Fruit / Half Fruit : Leptir

  1. 3 Part Cards - Extinct Birds : Leptir
  2. Classified Pictures : Montessori From Scratch
  3. Sandpaper Letters / Numbers : Montessori From Scratch
  4. Sandpaper Letter : Maybe Montessori
  5. Montreal flowers - flowers from the heart
  6. Dnealian Template : Walk Beside Me
  7. Linking action with sentence
  8. Sandpaper Vowels : 2 Pequenos Traviesos
  9. Smelling Bottles : Zonnah
  10. Pink and Blue Reading (Part 1) - Walk Beside Me
  11. Pink and Blue Reading (Part 2) - Walk Beside Me
  12. How NOT to make your own Sandpaper Letters : Glue Sky
  13. Sound Drawers: Homemade Homeschool
  14. Detective Adjective Buttons: LaPaz Home Learning
  15. Preposition Cards Download: Montesecrets
  16. Sandpaper Letters: L/ecollogis
  17. Frugal Matching Pictures (I): 2 Pequenos Traviesos
  18. Frugal Matching Pictures (II): 2 Pequenos Traviesos
  19. Word Family House: Squirrel Acorns
  20. Create Phonetic Flipbooks: Montessori for Learning
  21. Object basket: Create
  22. Rhyme recognizing cards (matching): Leptir
  23. Seasonal Sets Baskets- Linear Counting/Sorting



  1. oops, I put my link in the wrong section...could you delete it please and thanks.

  2. I tried to put my link about language material, but it says "This webpage is not available"

  3. For anyone making sandpaper letters, it turns out that hot glue traced over a paper letter glued to a board gives the same feedback to the finger but 1. feels a lot more pleasant (why sandpaper letters when so many other materials are carefully polished and smoothed?) and 2. take far less time to make.