Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Feature: Ultimate Montessori Search Box

I wanted to let everyone know I have added two new gadgets to my sidebars.

One of the things I love about my Google Reader is that it allows you to keyword search all of the blogs in your reader simultaneously. That's why when I need to remember where I read something I can usually pull it out of my hat. Now you don't have to add 140 blogs to your reader to be able to do this too. I added a special search box to the left sidebar that allows you to search all of the blogs in the Ultimate Montessori Blog list simultaneously. If you want to see if anyone else has posted about *#*$*% landforms you can put landforms in the box, and voila!

Now, I warn you that the results don't come back as nicely as they do in Google Reader. Because my blog roll is so segmented by category it spits out the results by category. All the categories list at the top of the results page and you click on each category to see the results in that category. Google Reader gives them to me in one nice, long list.

I also added a translator to the top right sidebar. More and more readers appear to not speak English as a second language. I read several blogs that are not in English. I know it is so much easier to be able to hit "translate" right on the page instead of pasting links to a third-party site. I hope this helps.


  1. This should be great since you do have such a great link list. Thanks.

  2. Wow that is great - and I love that you the list of all the Montessori blogs, its so useful.

  3. Am I missing the little search box? I am looking to the left, and under the intro, but I can't seem to find it… [maybe it was discontinued along with Google Reader?? Blast!!]

    1. You nailed it :( Around the same time Google Reader became defunct my search box stopped working. The one thing I miss about Google Reader is the ability I used to have to search just the blogs I read for something. I use Bloglovin' now. I often remember reading "something" "on a blog" "recently" and wish I could search the blogs in my feed by keyword like I used to.

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    3. Ahh, yes. Such a sad day to have lost my whole RSS from Google. :/ On to good news…I just did a test, and I CAN search my blogroll for keywords in Feedly.com! Until you mentioned it, it never occurred to me. I do beat myself up trying to remember where I read things…now I can easily find it!