Monday, September 28, 2009

School Days

Here are some glimpses of what we have done in school during the last several sessions.

I have been having some camera troubles, which I think will be obvious as you see some of the shots.

Cylinder Block One, Blindfolded

Lowercase and Uppercase "A."

Kal-El likes to match the paper letters he glues into his sound book to the sandpaper letters before he does it. He also likes to apply the glue to the letter with the strokes in the right direction and in the proper order (where possible).

Kal-El has been able to answer the following types of questions for a long time:

Mommy: What letter does "apple" start with?
Kal-El: "'A'. "

Mommy: What letter makes the "ah" sound?
Kal-El: "A!"

However, I discovered this week that he can't answer the question "in reverse" so to speak. For example:

Mommy: What sound does the letter "C" make?
Kal-El: "ssss....sssss..." (followed by confusion when he realizes "S" makes the "sss" sound and I just asked him about "C.")

I know this is because he learned the letter names ahead of the phonetic sounds. He learned his capital letters and their names before I discovered Montessori. Unfortunately Me Too learns so much from his brother that he also is learning the capitals and lowercase in tandem as well as the names and sounds in tandem. Hopefully this will be at least some improvement. Kal-El learned the names without the sounds originally.

Jake skateboarding

Brown Stair and Pink Tower extensions. Kal-El said "I'm building Jake a skate park!"

And, just for you Donald Crews fans:

Kal-El said "This is a freight train, loaded with freight."


  1. My son also learned the letter names both in Spanish and English before he learned the sounds and has had no problem learning the sounds. Kids are amazing.
    Bella is learning both at the same time since we discovered Montessori when she was 2 years old.

  2. What great photos! Munchkin isn't really learning her letters but knows 'A' as a capital because its what her name starts with, and she recognises it everywhere. Will be interesting to see how she goes when she starts Montessori next year.

  3. I'm curious...

    "Unfortunately Me Too learns so much from his brother that he also is learning the capitals and lowercase in tandem as well as the names and sounds in tandem..."

    ... why is that an 'UNfortunate' thing? That's how we teach it here in the UK, sort of. We do phonetic lowercase first, with Uppercase recognition (matching) hot on the heals of that. Then letter names just seem to fall into place not long after that (taught as alphabetical order). Once a child know all the basic 26 phonetic sounds all the rest seems to come easily to most children - mostly taught as simple matching activities. I cannot see how learning them in tandem is a bad thing if the child is able, it just speeds up the process a little :D