Friday, October 2, 2009

Less Than Perfect

We had a less-than-perfect Montessori school day today.

This post is for all the homeschooling moms I see on Yahoo groups who find blogs depressing because:

"Everything looks so perfect."

"Children are using works one at a time neatly on a work rug."

"Children are not 'playing with' the materials
or using them in ways which were not intended."

(Doggy "eating" out of the marble bowl. The same marble bowl that led to the abrupt ending of our school session when Kal-El declared school a "pirate school" and started shooting the marbles at my head because they were "cannonballs." Aargh.)

These are NOT pictures taken "throughout" our session. These pictures are snapshots of different sections of the room at one moment in time. (In other words, it was that bad.) No, it is not normally like this. Yes, it is sometimes like this. Yes, I cut school very short today. Yes, they did have to clean it up. Yes, they really enjoyed cleaning it up.

Except for the pink tower. I asked Kal-El to put the pink tower to rights and he said "no, it's okay that way for now. We're just going to leave it like that for a couple of days."


  1. Muy original!!! ME ENCANTA!!

  2. Don't we all have those days sometimes!

  3. Happens in school too - the only difference is with 12 children in the room they get more peer help in tidying up!

  4. Oh yes, that Pink Tower looks very familiar! In my classroom I would only ask 3rd year children if they would like to fix the PT. They usually do it without asking because they know it's not right. If it's left like this at the end of the day, I fix it myself, because I want the children to see it as it should be in the morning (as I do with all the, materials that might be out of place or not put away properly).

  5. Every day I have 23 kids in my classroom. All those situations are so familiar - every day.

  6. I love this post - this has definately happened during our lesson time before! :)

  7. Thank you so much for posting this! Can really appreciate this moment of "less than perfect". While my 16 students are quite a bit older, we have our wonderful days where nothing goes as planned and it feels quite chaotic. Always nice to know that it happens to all of us!

  8. I think these posts are much more useful to the average parent anyway! Love it.