Thursday, October 8, 2009

Montessori Brothers

This is a conversation I overheard the boys have in the kitchen, a couple of yards away from where I was reading my e-mail.

Kal-El: Quick! Me Too! Come over here! There's a spider!
Me Too: Oh käi
Kal-El: Do you see him?
Me Too: Uh huh. Spidaar.
Kal-El: Quick! Go get a tissue from the small bathroom.
Me Too: Oh käi.

[Me Too heads towards the other bathroom]

Kal-El: Wait! Me Too! Not that way! The other bathroom.
Me Too: Oh käi.

[Me Too heads towards the small bathroom, but is again distracted by the spider on the floor.]

Me Too: Spidaar. Spidaar right thaar. He jump. Oh! He jump again!
Kal-El: Here Me Too, I'll show you.

[Kal-El takes Me Too's hand and they walk to the bathroom together. Voices are then heard from the bathroom.]

Kal-El: I have something to show you.

[I always begin my Montessori presentations with the words "I have something to show you." He said it with my exact inflection.]

Kal-El: This is the toilet paper. You need one square. Here you go.

Me Too: Oh käi.

[Me Too picks up the spider with the piece of toilet paper.]

Me Too: I got him! Look Kal-El!
Kal-El: You got him! [The boys examine the spider for a while making many unintelligible remarks to one another.] Now we need to flush him down the toilet. Follow me! [runs to the bathroom]

Me Too: [following Kal-El] Follow me!
Kal-El: Okay, now put him in the toilet. Good. Now you can flush it.
Me Too: [flush] Bye bye spidaar! Have a good day!


  1. Aww!

    Yesterday my oldest HAD to represent a science experiment he had done with Daddy earlier this fall and "teach" it to my younger son. It was so sweet!

    I feel so behind on reading blogs this week! I need to remember to come back and read through your geography materials posts.

  2. lovely!!!!!! SOOOOOO CUTE!! I'm reading but I got the picture on my mind!!!lol......have a nice day....soooooo cute!!!!!!