Thursday, October 15, 2009

School Day

My husband brought the space heater up from the basement for me so we were able to spend at least some time in the school room this week. The thermometer on the space heater said 52 degrees when I turned it on this morning. You will notice we have heavier clothes on than usual. Apparently we still have some weatherizing to do.

Kal-El worked on making patterns with spooky objects. First he placed the objects directly on top of the pictures, then he advanced to making a second line below.

Me Too was very interested in a Halloween necklace activity that I put out for Kal-El. It was much too difficult for him so I brought out the Melissa and Doug bead set and he worked with that for a long time.

In the spirit of sharing, Kal-El worked with a shape sorter from Me Too's shelf. He likes to "construct something" with the pieces as he removes them from the pegs.

We worked on cutting paper.

Kal-El loved this next very spooky activity. I filled a cauldron with sugar and twelve rubber dead flies and provided a strainer. He used the strainer to sift the sugar and find all of the flies.

I put out a painters palette for him to put the flies on as he finds them. He knows he has found them all when each hole has a fly.

The Ultimate Montessori Search Box appears to be working properly again today. I didn't do anything. Must have been a poltergeist. Be sure to add your DIY Montessori Materials to the lists in the right-hand toolbar!


  1. Oh my, I love the sugar/cauldron activity!!! What a wondefully seasonal practical life activity. Where did you find the cauldron? Or the flies? And what a great idea to use the painter's palette as the control of error!

  2. Thanks Andie!

    I was pretty proud of that one. The cauldron is from Kmart ($1.99). The flies are from the dollar store.