Friday, October 30, 2009

School Days

We have been in the school room a lot this past week, but this is the only picture I have to show for it. DADDY actually supervised some school time this week, and this is a shot he took when Kal-El was working with the brown stair and pink tower.

I didn't even take the camera in the school room with me this week. There was a lot of work going on that the boys like my "help" with. Between that and my back slowing me down, I knew I couldn't be distracted with the camera.

Me Too has (finally) entered a sensitive period for puzzles. He has been seriously puzzle challenged until this point. I took advantage of his new obsession and presented all of the drawers of the geometric cabinet. He is also very interested in the botany and zoology puzzles and both boys worked with three this week: horse, frog, and tree. The tree is very challenging and Kal-El repeats that work a lot. Me Too want to do them all as well, but they are too hard for a boy who just figured out how to get a rectangle with a knob the size of Texas into a rectangular hole. He takes them off the shelf anyway and asks me to "help." He enjoys the alone time with me so I'm fine with it.

Kal-El has taken the initiative in stepping up his language work. He has been choosing various sandpaper letters, tracing them, then writing the letters in the salt tray, building with the Handwriting Without Tears pieces, and pasting letters into his "letter book." He likes me to hold the tray for him when he writes and likes me to shake it clean in-between letters. I found a new tray for our salt today so I hope he can shake it himself soon. I put the movable alphabet on the shelf, and we have done some preliminary exploring.

Me Too is interested in the salt tray as well. He brought it over (his own idea) to the geometric cabinet presentation tray, traced the shapes and insets, and then drew the shapes in the salt. He is really good at the circle.

The sandpaper globe has been a big hit. Kal-El has a little "routine" he created. He says "This is the Earth, we live on the Earth." He likes to show me where "we live" first. (Daddy told him). I'm impressed he can find the right spot in the USA on just the sandpaper globe. Then he likes to point to Asia and say it's the biggest piece of land on the Earth. Finally he tells me that the Earth has more water than land and scampers away.

Kal-El is spending as much time gluing numbers into his numbers book as his is gluing letters into the letters book. He works with the sandpaper numbers when he does this. I brought out the red and blue rods and he is working on putting them in the right order still. Pretty soon I'm going to have to make my spindle box. I had to bring in another shoe shelf and set it up for "maths" now that our collection is growing.

Me Too worked with the Halloween patterns I made for Kal-El. He takes objects from the basket, matches them to the appropriate images, places them on top.

I have been working on making some new materials, and hope to post about that next week. I haven't made any progress on my library project due to my back injury but should be back at it next week as well.

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  1. I got my puzzles from Montessori n' Such and they have free puzzle outlines for their puzzles, but it would be easy enough to just trace from your own puzzles. I put those out with the puzzles, and it makes a huge difference with the youngers being able to manage to do the puzzles. (My 3 year olds always have a bit of trouble with horse puzzle without the outlines.)

    Love the tower/stair extension!

  2. Oh, I would recommend buying the spindles. I made two versions, and I wasn't happy with either, and they didn't get much use. I bought it this year, and they love the "real" one. I got it used for $15 from someone on Montessori Swap, and I think Adena and Kid Advance have it for fairly cheap.