Monday, October 19, 2009

This and That

It is 60 degrees here today. This is a very welcome change from the unseasonably cold October we have been having. No school for us today! The boys and I went outside first thing after breakfast and didn't come back in until it was nap time.

I washed the exterior of all of our windows. I also did some raking and caulking. The boys played near wherever I was working. There was some bike riding, worm catching, feeding crab apples to the worm they caught, poking sticks in the pond, catching a "sting ray" in the pond (?), picking up sticks, and playing on their playground. I have a lot more work to do, but I stopped inside to get the boys down for naps and get a start on dinner.

Here are some random shots from the end of last week.

Kal-El spent some time in the school room alone Friday afternoon. I was doing housework and Me Too was still asleep. Apparently everything was going well until he dropped his salt tray on the way to his rug. I discovered this scene in his bedroom:

Kal-El has a child-sized (weakly) working vacuum in his closet. The closet has a lock at the top of one of the doors. Apparently he first tried to trip the lock with his sword. When that didn't work, stacked two step stools on a kitchen chair, climbed up (!), unlocked the door, and retrieved his vacuum to clean up the salt. He came and go me when he realized his vacuum was not up to the task. I showed him how to use mine and he happily vacuumed the entire school room. Then the family room, then the bedrooms, then the kitchen rugs.

He would have done the whole house, but I didn't take out my canister vacuum for the hard floors. We did turn the vacuum upside-down and had a talk about the rotating brushes and why we only use that vacuum on carpet. He loved it and has been educating everyone about the intricacies of carpet vacuums versus hard-floor vacuums.

Earlier that morning both boys decided to get dressed in "school clothes" that day. (This is apparently homeschooled children's idea of appropriate school attire.) I caught them trying to trip the lock on the school room door with a clothes hanger. Now those are kids that really want an education!

We had a short but productive session. Me Too surprised me and completed the frog botany puzzle. He also learned the names of the simple parts of a frog's body (head, body, legs, mouth, etc.,)

School ended after the boys both put on my husband and my own exercises shoes and climbed up on the treadmill.

Earlier in the week Kal-El learned to use binoculars.

This is what he saw. Our consultation with our bird book led me to believe it is most likely a "Cooper's Hawk." It spent about 30 minutes sitting on our grass (yes, and that was still the best picture I managed to take).

Kal-El started with his working "children's binoculars." Then I let him have a look with my serious pair. He understandably liked mine a lot better than his own. He learned the concept of the word "borrow" and has been showing off his new vocabulary ever since. Unfortunately this means taking things that belong to me and insisting "But I'm just borrowing it Mom, I'll give it back when I'm done" when I tell him "no."

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  1. Don't all kids dress like that for school?

    Ah well, poor public school kids LOL!


  2. Your son is wonderfully resourceful. It was interesting seeing how he was trying to solve his spilt salt problem.
    BTW, I'm loving your blog - I'm just learning about Montessori for my sons (age 2 3/4 and 8 months) and yours is the first blog I've been spending time on. Thankyou!