Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

We spent a miserably windy and cold Halloween curled up in a warm house with family, and good food...except when we ventured outdoors to trick or treat.

Here are my little woodland creatures with their handmade-by-Grammy treat bags.

Me Too was a squirrel.

Kal-El was a skunk.

I made their costumes out of hooded sweatshirts, fleece, and packing peanuts with no sewing machine. (Have one, don't know how to use it.)

All of my favorite tiny people were there. Here are the boys with their cousins Me Three (puppy all the way to the left) and Token Girl (butterfly all the way to the right, the pink might have given her away).

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  1. Impressive costumes! Nice work!

  2. WOW!! You are good! Loved the costumes!

  3. Cute little spooks! Love the blog names:)