Friday, December 4, 2009

School Day

I spent part of nap time today painting discount Montessori materials. I am nearly done with my continent boxes. After color coding all the materials according to the traditional colors I looked at my brand new map of the continents and globe of the continents and realized some continents were the wrong color. If I had realized this earlier it would not have made a difference because the map and the globe didn't match either. On my globe (from Adena) Europe was purple-brown rather than red. On my map (from Adena) Asia was orange (more so than North America which is supposed to be orange but is really red-orange/orange-red) and Australia was Army green. I used acrylic paints to solve the problem. This was probably not the best choice of paint for this project. Oh well.

A lot went on around here this week, many posts worth! I may do some catching up on posting over the weekend. Here are some photos that show a little bit of what went on in school. Math was popular this week and last.

Me Too likes to count as he removes all the shapes from these spindles, make a precise tower in front, and count again as he replaces them.

Kal-El worked with cards and counters for the very first time. I saw this version using squirrels and hazelnuts over at Leptir.

The number tiles were added to Kal-El's work with the number rods. He likes to do this activity two different ways. Sometimes he puts the tiles in order first and then adds the number rods.

Other times he lays the number rods down one at a time and finds the appropriate tile as he goes.

The argument Kal-El and Me Too had the car the other day about whether "raisin" ends with /n/ as Kal-El correctly pronounced or "nnnn-UH!" as Me Too incorrectly pronounced leads me to believe we might be making some progress on ending sounds. Here is one of Kal-El's ending sound sorts using our phonics objects.

The boys are generally dressed as spider man everyday lately. Recently Me Too is making sure he lives up to his moniker. Apparently picking locks is a popular subject in "superhero school." Thank goodness we homeschool or I would either be getting glares from the preschool teacher or fighting over clothes every morning.

I like to throw a photo like this one in every once in a while to illustrate the peace and concentration created by rug training two boys that would otherwise fight over who wants the next time out.

I'm not sure what this teaches, but Kal-El repeated this activity again and again...learning to rack Daddy's pool balls with the "equilateral triangle" and learning to break. I made him his own pool cue out of a cardboard tube and duct tape over a year ago. Our felt is grateful.

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  1. I LOVE this post. Sean wore his Spider Man suit when he was 5 and 6. He didn't wear it to school, but did wear it to Target and the grocery store on occasion. If we were home, he was in that suit. He would disappear to his room and come out transformed, mask and all. And forgive me for pointing it out, but his suit ripped in exactly the same places. LOL!

  2. Very busy week for your kids :-)

  3. I have a question on your ending sounds sorts. How do you have this activity setup? Thank you!

  4. Gigi,

    I will take a picture or two and post about that in the next day or two :)