Monday, January 25, 2010

Change of Focus

Sooooo....we are trying to sell our house. I have no idea what effect this will have on my blogging frequency over the next few weeks. It already led me to disappear for most of last week. We are up to our elbows in big projects we have been putting off for six years. The upstairs and outside are ready, but the basement is still looks like an episode of Clean Sweep.

The boys have been up to their elbows in practical life tasks. I wish my hands had not been covered in paint and drywall patch (or 409 degreaser, or brass polish, or vinegar...) so I could have taken some pictures. They are finding the whole process fascinating. I am irritated that this is coming at a time when we had built up some great momentum in the school room.

I would certainly appreciate advice from anyone who has homeschooled while they sold their house. We would also appreciate prayers! We have found the perfect place, with a fantastic room for school, but don't really have a chance of getting it unless our house sells right away.

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