Sunday, January 31, 2010

Life Science Materials

I used the good ole' Ultimate Montessori Search Box to track down some free downloads to make some life science materials I am behind on. The boys worked with play-doh for over an hour after naps today and I used the time to make control sheets for their botany and animal puzzles. I was looking into turning them into three-part cards to teach the parts of everything when I realized I had missed a bunch of traditional lessons. For example: living vs. non-living, plant vs. animal, classifying animals etc.,

It appeared that not only do I have a lot of presentations to give, but a lot of materials to make. Here are the results of my search for files:

I found "living vs non-living" over at A Bit of This and a Bit of That and at Homemade Montessori.

I was disturbed to find that the 5 living kingdoms are now the six living kingdoms. At this age I really think the only kingdoms I want to sort are plant versus animal and will use some of the cards from this five kingdoms file from Homemade Montessori.

If you use the Gettman, the first activity in this category is "Classifying Animals." This activity involves the making of twelve sets of Classified Animal Pictures. Thank goodness free files for all of these are now available over at Walk Beside Me.

"Animals" in the Gettman is code for "vertebrates." He does not address invertebrates in his 3-6 sequence. If you are looking to deal with invertebrates, vertebrate versus invertebrate cards are available over at Homemade Montessori.

An overview of the early life science materials is available over at the Learning Ark and she has a file available for less than $5 through Lulu that includes "living vs non-living," "types of vertebrates," and "types of invertebrates."

I printed and laminated "living versus non-living" tonight. Jo's pictures are gorgeous. I want to put collection together from our miniatures to go with it. Hopefully you'll see these things in the classroom soon.

If you have made something like this and have files available on your blog, please add yourself to the Ultimate Montessori Homemade Materials Collaboration!


  1. Thanks for this. How did you make your control cards for your puzzles? Tracing your puzzles? Downloaded? I need to make some too!

  2. Thanks so much, we are also in the midst of identifying vertebrate/invertebrates and your links will surely be of help.

  3. Sheryll,

    I traced the puzzles (first with a sharp pencil then with a marker, the marker doesn't get close enough). They are also available for free in the freebies section at Montessori N Such, but they didn't match my puzzles very well.