Friday, March 26, 2010

Great Giveaway!

Walk Beside Me has created an e-file and instructions for making your own "sliding readers." I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to "test them out" for her while they were in the development process.

Kal-El has really enjoyed them. He calls them his "funny school things." He thinks they are "funny." I don't know why. They are getting a lot more use than some of the other pink series materials I made that just sit on the shelf. (Homfray states that we make lots of different types of materials to practice the same thing because they need the practice and because different materials appeal to different children. This is true. Kal-El will do certain types again and again, others he avoids like the plague. I consider just making the kind he likes, but Me Too might like a different kind later and it's easier to make them all at once. Or, alternatively, Kal-El might "want a change" a little bit down the line.)

You can read more about them over at Walk Beside Me. This week you can enter to win all of the files she has for sale on Lulu and Etsy, including the file for these little readers. Good luck!

Speaking of her blog, she has been very creative with her reading materials lately. I have been enjoying her posts. I encourage you to take a peek at her posts for the month of March and see what she's been doing.

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