Friday, March 26, 2010

The Knight and the Dragon

We have been enjoying The Knight and the Dragon by Tomie DePaola. It's a story about an knight who has never battled a dragon and a dragon who has never battled a knight. They go to the library to learn how to do it before scheduling their conflict on the calendar. My Mom read it to Kal-El the first time. I don't know if she liked it. Many of the pages don't have any text. The absence of text means Kal-El is able to look at it on his own without missing much.

In the book the knight makes his own armor before going into battle. Kal-El is really taken with this part. Today he assembled materials to role-play those pages in the book.

Take a peek at the third frame with the hammer and tongs...

...and Kal-El's version.


  1. This is so funny - he is really checking out "instructions"! It sounds like a great book. We read some other stories by Tommy De Paola, but I have never heard of this one before.

  2. I have to get this book, it looks so cute!
    And that photo of him making the armor, priceless.

  3. Hi MBT! Do you have a Practical Life link for the Homemade Materials section? I have a couple of easy/inexpensive ideas to share.
    Let me know, please.
    :) Evelyn