Thursday, March 4, 2010

What We Did All Day

Kal-El has a cold (again). He asked for some drawing paper and crayons this morning and later presented me with this:

As he described it, the circle all the way to the left is a magnifying glass with many bad germs under it. The second circle from the left shows how a magnifying glass makes all the germs look bigger so you can get a good look at just one germ. I don't know what the small third circle is, but the fourth circle is an antibody (good germ) attacking one of the bad germs. He said "this is what is happening inside my body."

We had a fantastic day yesterday. I took the boys to an inflatable jumping playground while someone looked at the house. We all had a really great time. After dinner last night Kal-El climbed in my lap and said "Mommy, I want to sit on your lap forever."

Today was a library day. I'm upset that I forgot my camera, I want to get a picture of Me Too sitting in the child-sized library chairs before he gets much bigger. Kal-El has been working on "remembering things" and keeps a mental list going of things that he is interested in that he wants me to find books about at the library. This week's list was: castles, the Earth, and bears. He already has princesses and tree houses on his list for next week. I also found a great series of books about three-dimensional shapes to reinforce our geometric solids work. We have been focusing on cylinders this week (I don't do anything special inside the school room, I just make an effort to talk about cylinders a lot in normal life) so I picked up the Cylinders book.

Me Too is in a sensitive period for counting things. I picked out several books off of this list of living math books. They always pick a few books on their own. Today I caught Me Too sneaking as many books as he could into my book bag after I told him it was time to go. He looked like someone in one of those supermarket shopping sprees.

Our Bob Books arrived yesterday. I gave Kal-El the first one at the start of naps. I explained that it only had types of words in it that I knew he could sound out and that he could read it without me if he needed something to do during naptime. I turned on the monitor and heard him reading it to Bobo (his bear). After naps he read it to me and he read it to Daddy before bed. I didn't give him the next one today because he was too excited about the library books we brought home.

We will probably spend the rest of the day sitting around and reading.


  1. That's awesome Kal-El knows and understanding of how his body works! I can't believe I don't own a single book on germs! I need to tag my books to the Library Thing one of these much to do, so little time!

    And love the comment about how he wants to sit on your lap forever. Enjoy these previous moments!

    As for the cylinders, I did an activity a while back where I asked JC to hunt for cylinders and put them in an empty box. We found soup cans, cylinder blocks, etc. It was fun and she still remember what a cylinder is! Also was fun to compare all the shapes and see which ones rolled and which ones were stackable. It might be too easy for your boys though. I might post it up at some point...

  2. sorry for the typo grammar mistakes!

  3. I just subscribed to your blog following the link from Joyful Learner. You do so many fun things with your boys! Have you considered trying Progressive Phonics ( with Kal-El? I started this with my daughter shortly after she learned how to blend and could read (reluctantly) Bob Books. She was about 30 months then. In about 6 months we went through all basic and intermediate books. She is 3 years and 4 months old now and is reading fluently.

  4. Raising a Happy Child,

    Thanks! No, we haven't considered any phonics programs. I don't know how familiar you are with the Montessori method, but everything we need is built into the standard Montessori sequence. Kids start with sound games, then sandpaper letters, the moveable alphabet, the pink series (CVC words), blue series (phonograms/digraphs/blends), then the green series (puzzle words). That's a simplified run-down of what we'll be doing (there is an alternate sequence by Muriel Dwyer).

    It is possible to use a different phonics program in conjunction with Montessori. However, all of the boys materials are out for them to choose from independently, are self-directed, and self-correcting and it works really well for them. Montessori learning does not use worksheets, for example.

    Sounds like you have a busy little girl on your hands! I can't wait to find a little time to check out your blog :)