Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Culture In Our Own Backyard

We have a Mommy raccoon with five babies visiting our backyard. They like to peak in the windows at us. This is a photo of one of the babies looking at us while we took its picture. I think if it had a camera, it would have taken a picture of us.

It was good timing because I had just taken Kal-El to an "animal adventure" program at the library. They had three baby North American raccoons there as well as South American raccoons (coati), a bear cat (binturong), a snake-lizard, and a chinchilla.

Kal-El is growing up so fast. It felt odd to see him sitting up at the front of the room with all of the kids while I sat alone in the back. On the other hand he says he likes to snuggle with me because I'm "very comfortable" and he want's to "keep me forever."

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  1. You caught a great picture!

    So cute when they say things like that. What do they say? They are writing a memory on your heart?


  2. Waw ! It's cool ! We have to remember to open our eyes and we will see so much things, animals, flowers that we do not see when we have a fast life.

  3. Oh wow! He IS cute! And, so close! What a great experience.