Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Fishin' " by Kal-El

Bumpa bought me a bamboo pole and some worms.

He bought one for Me Too also.
He took me, Me Too, and my Daddy fishing.
I didn't think Daddy needed to come,
but Bumpa said something about two boys
and two long pointy poles with swinging sharp objects on them.

Me Too tangled a pole right away,
so this is what Daddy did while we were fishing.
It's a good thing we brought him along.

I caught a fish! All by myself! Bumpa was proud of me.

I think it is bigger than the ones my uncle can catch.

What's that on Me Too's line?

His pole had a fish on it,
but I don't think Me Too had anything to do with that.
Bumpa let him have his picture taken anyway.

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