Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not Dead, Just Remodeling...

It looks like someone needs a tool belt.

I didn't mean to disappear for two weeks without warning. We are not dead, just remodeling. The house has been on the market for about five months now. The last "too much updating for us" comment has us scurrying to make potential buyers happier.

I have been doing very tedious things like replacing knobs and hinges on cabinets, painting cabinets doors and trim, and spray-painting light fixtures. When I haven't been doing those things I've been listening to tile installers tell us prior-project horror stories for hours at a time knowing that the longer they talk the higher their quote will be.

On one hand things are looking "updated." On the other hand, I cringe as I remove five pound solid (shiny) brass towel hooks and replace them with five ounce brushed nickel ones. We removed very expensive brass and chrome light fixtures and replaced them with some "less offensive" $15 ones. Part of the problem is that I watched my parents painstakingly restore not one but two hundred-year-old houses and "restore" is operative word. You didn't throw out a piece of quality workmanship because it wasn't in "this year's color," you fixed it up. After living in an old house my whole life I never really developed an awareness of short-lived design trends.

I put all of the "offensive" hardware in large Ziploc bags labeled "for when shiny brass comes back" and put it in the basement. All of those home improvement shows that tell you to "quickly and inexpensively update your cabinets with new knobs" do NOT mention that the HINGES need to match those "quick and inexpensive knobs"; or that if your NEW hinges are not identical to the OLD hinges your cabinet doors won't fit; or that if your NEW hinges are identical to the OLD hinges they are probably just as dated even in a new color.

Yesterday I had a little fun at a "seconds" store picking out new, bright towels and accessories for our master bath. Apparently I can "distract" potential buyers from noticing things they might not like about the bathroom with bright towels and accessories. What are they? Raccoons? Seagulls? I can't picture my husband and I walking into a bathroom and starting to say..."Uh oh, is that a crack in the... wait! Sparkly red towels and bath mats!"

The next conundrum is the school room. A fully equipped Montessori classroom in a home completely defies all of the laws of home staging.

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  1. Lol at the shiny bath mats comment.

    I hope you are able to sell your home soon! Is the one you guys were looking at still on the market too?

  2. I love your blog! and your comment about the bath towels made me lol literally! It is amazing what a bright shiny decoration will do to make people not pay attention! Hope your house sells quickly and that you don't have too much more to do to please a buyer!
    PS Thanks for all your montessori posts my children are 1, almost 3 and 5 and I have learned a lot from following your blog!

  3. You are hilarious! Have you thought about writing another blog on your opinions and life observations. I for one would be the first to follow! Best of luck trying to sell your house. When we sold our I had to quickly whip ALL of L's things into a huge closet wheny buyers came. If they opened the closet door it would all explode out on them.