Monday, July 5, 2010

You Should See the Other Guy...

You should see the other guy...

We have no idea what happened to his eye. He started complaining that his eye hurt last night while playing outside. It looked like a little scratch on his eyelid at the time. Bee? Mosquito? Fingernail? We'll never know.

Good news is that he says it doesn't hurt. He woke up this morning and said "my eye feels better!" Well, it certainly didn't look better. He is actually in a pretty chipper mood. (We asked him to look sad for the first picture.)

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  1. Yeah I can guess the other guy! :)) children are so funny! I hope he will get very well very soon!

  2. Poor little MeToo. Hope it gets better soon. Looks like you are all enjoying your summer.

  3. This JUST happened to my daughter last Thursday! The doctor said it was an allergic reaction and she had a three-day course of oral steroids. I think it was a bug bite, as her ear has done the same thing. Crazy, isn't it?

  4. oh no! doesn't it just baffle you how things like that can happen and you have no idea how or why!!