Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Favorite Things: Aqua Sphere Goggles

After purchasing and discarding no fewer than three sets of children's swim goggles for the boys I decided it was time to find a better product. Fortunately, I remembered that Jen over at Amazing Trips had raved about the goggles her kids had. They used to live in San Diego and spent A LOT of time in the water. She has five-year-old triplets and also a three-year-old and they all have these goggles so I trusted her judgment even though these goggles are not cheap. I'm so glad I did.

I found the best price and bought ours in a two-pack on Amazon. The best feature is the adjustable strap. Usually you have to pull that bumpy strap back and forth through those tiny slots to adjust a goggle strap. These have little release buttons on each side of the goggles. When you push the buttons and pull on the goggles the straps slide through the slots like melted butter. When you want to pull them tight, you just pull on the straps without using the buttons and they miraculously just pull through, again, like melted butter. You don't have to obsess over finding just the right adjustment or pull their hair, ever. A lot of other goggles and snorkel masks have come out with this type of adjustment mechanism now, however I have field tested all of them and none of them work as well as the Aqua Sphere mechanism.

I will warn you that Me Too's goggles leak unless we have them on just right. That is because they are intended for children "five and up" and he just turned three. Kal-El is 4 and his don't leak unless he puts them on completely crooked. We added a neoprene strap cover to Kal-El's goggles. These allows him to pull his goggles on and off without adjusting them but also without pulling his hair.

We have a strap cover for Me Too's pair as well, but didn't put it on yet because we wanted to field test the goggles both ways to see which we liked better. You don't necessarily need one, but I guess we like them even better with the strap cover. I would prefer a strap cover that velcroed on and off, but don't know that one exists. You have to dismantle and reassemble part of the goggles to put the strap cover on.

If you really think you'd prefer goggles that have individual eye pieces instead of the snorkel mask style, my second choice for goggles would be the Speedo Kid's Hydroshade however, the strap adjustment is not nearly as nice. There are a lot of different choices in kids goggles by Speedo. They vary according to type and location for the strap mechanism. They also have either an adjustable nose bridge or a one-piece silicone eye/nose design. It is counter intuitive, but the one-piece design fits kids better than the adjustable nose piece. Also, the adjustment mechanism for the strap works the most easily at the back of the head in the Speedo goggles. The Hydroshade has both the one-piece nose/eye design and the back of the head adjustment. I still prefer the Aqua Sphere.

If you would like, you can read Jen's original review of the Aqua Sphere goggles here.

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  1. An excellent post on kids' activities. I specially liked the swimming part and the picture of kids wearing Swim Goggles since they simply looked superb while wearing them.