Monday, August 23, 2010

Practical Life on Vacation

I thought I would share a picture of one of our "practical life" activities from our vacation. I can't find it anywhere in the Gettman, but I'm sure learning to dive for things underwater should be on there somewhere...

the approach

the grab

the celebration!

We snuck in a few "phonics" sessions here in there, but our focus on vacation was swimming, swimming, swimming. Both boys love to swim underwater. Kal-El can swim the length of the pool using the crawl stroke.

Other practical life lessons learned included (but were not limited to):

  • swishing and spitting out toothpaste when brushing teeth (Believe it or not, this was a big deal.)
  • operating a fresh water shower at the beach
  • removing all the sand from your body using a fresh water shower at the beach
  • removing the sand from your behind that you missed the first time
  • digging a hole
  • digging a bigger hole
  • digging a really big hole
  • carrying buckets of water to fill a really big hole
  • sitting in a really big hole filled with water
  • paddling a kayak
  • dancing a on a towel to dry your feet so you don't slip and fall on the ceramic tile when you return from swimming.
  • cleaning and drying seashells
  • operating a lifejacket
  • using a kickboard

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  1. Which proves you do not have to be in a school building to learn! We missed you all. Welcome home:)


  2. Awesome Dive!! I love vacations!

  3. Best kind of life lessons! Love the photos!

  4. I really LOVE those diving photos :))

    But I have the same problem with spitting out toothpaste by my 3-year-old son... How did you manage to teach that? I have tried many times, but I have no idea how to explain him the whole process...