Monday, November 29, 2010

New House Tour, Before: The New School Room

I am sure you are all dying to see what the new school room looks like (maybe?).

I'm excited about it because the space is more central to the main living areas of the home and will have more usable space than our last school room.

In case you have forgotten, this was our old school room:

It was crazy cool with tons of windows, but it was mostly circular which posed a shelving challenge. There were lots of built-in bookshelves, but at 8 inches deep they were not very practical for Montessori materials. It was also 40-degrees in there in the winter, colder in sub-zero weather. There was also a treadmill and space-age wood stove hogging floor space.

I know some of you are working with a four-foot span of low shelves off of a kitchen or family room. I do realize we are/were lucky to have the space.

The old school room was the furthest point possible from the kitchen and family room of a sprawling one-story home. I am excited that the new school room is centrally located right off of the staircase.

Here are some pictures of the new space. The pictures were taken before we owned the house, so none of the furniture will look familiar.

In addition to sprucing up this foyer and getting a new front door (window on top? sidelights anyone?) I am looking forward to adding some trim around the opening and hopefully installing a glass-paned pocked door here.

Venturing a little further into the room you can see it is a nice classroom-friendly rectangular shape and a good size (maybe 12X17?).

The window might look familiar because we put up the Christmas tree in front of it.

This window treatment was the second-to-least offensive in the whole house. All of the other treatments were ripped down within the first hour of ownership. These are probably pretty, but completely wrong for our decorating style. I find, oddly, that I generally like window treatments in photos of other people's houses. I see some I like, buy them, and the second I start to cover my untreated windows with one and it blocks its first iota of natural light I get aggravated and rip them down. These have only survived this long because they require tools for removal.

At any rate, I picture putting a bird feeder outside the window for squirrel bird observation. I also want to put something, plexiglass maybe, on the window seat and set up the boys' plant-watering station there.

Here is the view from the other side. It is crying out for new paint, five-inch baseboards, some crown molding, and lots and lots of shelving.

I really should have taken a picture the way it looks right this minute but I'm not sure I can physically get close enough. Right now it contains an eight-foot tall and four-foot wide Christmas tree (I like them chubby). I had the teenagers who unloaded our moving pods put anything labeled Montessori in this room to save me a ton of trips up and down the basement steps to set up. Therefore, it also contains no less than 37 boxes stacked all over the room. Add to that a full-sized couch, coffee table and china cabinet we need to sell and two bean bag chairs I'm trying to convince my husband to get rid of. Our bead cabinet is standing proudly dead center in the middle of the room and a map cabinet is shrink-wrapped in the corner. All of our old shelves are dismantled and the pieces are stacked on the window seat.

All of that furniture that has no home enough to make it hard for me to set up the room. I also am dragging my feet because I'm trying to decide whether it is worth my time to reassemble all of those shelves when I plan to buy or make and assemble new shelves. Clearly it is wasted steps, but they might be worth it depending on how long it will be until we have new ones.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Yes, I can't wait to see it all set up! I need some home-based ideas :)

  2. It'll be fun to see your new space done. I always like to get ideas from others who homeschool, especially Montessori.

  3. I'll kind of miss seeing the old school room, but I look forward to seeing what you do with this one.

  4. Also waiting with great anticipation to see how it will come out.