Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bicker Bicker, Stir Stir

Bicker Bicker, Stir Stir.

This weekend the boys made gingerbread cake. This was their first serious cooking experience in the new kitchen, and for the most part they had a great time.

Kal-El was "activities director" (my in-laws always joke that Kal-El will someday be cruise director on a ship. If you've never been on a cruise, the cruise directors job is to be everywhere at all times narrating in an entertaining manner about what you have just done, what you are currently doing, and what you are about to do). He could basically follow the the picture instructions himself. They enjoyed scavenging for all of the necessary materials in the new kitchen. Kal-El's favorite part was finding, cracking, and disposing of his own egg without my lifting a finger.

It was all smiles and roses until I left the room for thirty seconds to go and get some cookie cutters. This was during the "stirring" portion of the cake making. Arguments erupted immediately regarding the length of the opposing brother's "turns."

Me Too is obsessed with counting so it was a fairly easy fix to ask them to stir a specific amount of times. I turned it into a practical life version of spindle boxes. "Me Too stir one time...Kal-El stir one time...Me Too stir two times...Kal-El stir two times..." We continued in that manner all the way up to ten. The cake was well-stirred.

Just an example of ways to make it work with bickering siblings. One of these day I owe you a glimpse into one of the many times I don't manage to make it work. It happens many times a day so it shouldn't be too hard to capture one on film.

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