Monday, December 20, 2010

Printing and Purchasing

I am busy printing...and printing, and printing, and printing.

My husband and I are taking advantage of the Christmas sales and spending money like it's going out of style. Basically we are updating things that have needed updating for years but we couldn't afford to replace. The timing of the new house purchase has allowed us to be able to do some of those things.

What does this have to do with printing? No, we are not printing our own money to fund our shopping spree. We have been pretty far behind technologically-speaking. Someone is coming tomorrow to finally upgrade us from just above dial-up to a faster internet speed. Our old PC is being replaced with a new MAC. Soon I will be saying "goodbye" to the computer that has never been able to be put on "sleep," goes to blue screen if the printer is on before the CPU is powered up, and the corded mouse that this right-handed woman is using on her left because that's where the CPU has to be. I will also be saying goodbye to waiting several minutes for the computer to open anything and a keyboard that requires you to hit the letters "F" and "J" twice ever it was moved.

Our printer is only a couple of years old. I have always liked it. My husband can't use it, ever, without jamming up all the paper. It doesn't fit in the cabinet where it needs to be stored in the new house. Therefore, it made sense to buy a new, small wireless printer at the same time.

Unfortunately I ordered a drawer-full of new ink only a couple of months ago. I remembered quickly that nothing burns through my ink like printing Montessori albums and colored three-part cards. I received my last several Karen Tyler albums during the home sale and moving process when I didn't have time to print them. So, now I am rushing to get everything printed out before the new computer and printer come on Wednesday. This is probably a good idea anyway in case anything happens to my files during the transfer.

We were worried that a lot of our furniture from the old house would be the wrong scale for the new house. It turns out that just about everything is okay (There is just too much of it. Hello Craigslist!). It makes me feel a little better when we spend the money when I realize that everything we have purchased so far would have been needed just as much in the more expensive houses we looked at as they are in the less-expensive home we bought. For example, our old house had built-in dressers so we would have needed to buy dressers pretty much anywhere we moved. The computer would be dying regardless. The TV in the family room would still be Grandma's hand-me-down 25-year-old tube TV with the color blue encroaching in the upper right corner no matter where we moved. The only specialty item we have had to purchase was a new kitchen table.

We have been using the kitchen table from my husband's childhood home for the past ten years. It is a lovely oak trestle table with self-storing leaves made by a good local furniture maker. My parents even refinished the top for us when I was pregnant with Kal-El. However, our new eat-in kitchen is very small. When the four of us sit at the table we lose the ability to move about in the kitchen and one or two people get trapped behind the table. When we have six dining the trestle base means that four people have their legs jammed into the table legs. We cut out some cardboard templates and determined we needed to switch to a round table. We drove out to our favorite furniture store yesterday, surprised my parents with a deposit of two children, and purchased a 48" round with a butterfly leaf and six NEW dining chairs (four for the table, one for the computer, one for the school room. That gives us six matching chairs when we round them up for company). We have never had new chairs. We have, happily, switched from one set of antique hand-me-down chairs to another as we wear them out completely. Don't misunderstand. I LOVE antiques. I have just fallen out of love with antique dining chairs. My rear-end needs a more modern-sized perch. We spend a lot of time sitting in our kitchen chairs socializing and I was really ready for something padded with a material that can be wiped clean. I seriously will not miss having the stretchers pop out of the legs every time someone sits down. Really. Every time I am about to sit I have to pick up the chairs and whack the stretchers back into their holes so I don't wind up like Wile-E-Coyote sitting on a pile of kindling. We have re-glued and re-glued, soaked, nailed, applied "joint-expansion" liquid. They are just shot.

My favorite purchase so far has to be our new family room carpet. The previous home owner had several VERY STINKY dogs. I didn't realize this when we looked at the house because they replaced almost all the carpets, painted the walls with a special "pet odor" deodorizing paint, banished the dog, and apparently vacuumed like their lives depended on it. After I removed about six hidden deodorizers and the paint effects and new carpet smell died down it was undeniable. The house smelled like wet dog. I cleaned all the carpets. The new ones were already clean but I cleaned them anyway. After cleaning it was, of course, worse. Now it really was WET dog. The culprit was the family room carpet, one of two rooms in the house they did not re-carpet. I cleaned that carpet three times and each time the water came out black. Yuck. I was so relieved when the new carpet was installed and I was sure (after a couple days of sniffing) that the dog smell was gone. I want a dog even less than I ever did if that's possible.

I still need to go grocery shopping for my Christmas house guests. Keep an eye out in the stores for a woman with a glazed over expression, a melted credit card, and ink on her fingers. That will be me.


  1. OMG I totally understand about the dog smell in the carpet. We rented a house a few years ago that had the very same problem, wet dog smell in the family room. We had the landlord clean the carpet but it was awful. And there weren't any windows in that room to air it out, either! I'm so glad you own your own home and were able to afford to get new carpets. It took over a year for me to get "used to" the smell.

    Love your blog!


  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family!