Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bibles and School Room Renovation Day 10

Today was a pretty unproductive day.

My "New Year's Resolution" (I don't really do those, but whatever) was to do one thing, no matter how small, every single day this year to move the house forward to renovated. Yes, I said every. single. day. I also said small.

Today was a BSF day so we were busy with that until lunchtime. We visited Bumpa at work, dropped off two full grocery bags of books at the library, visited the grocery store, and had lunch. By that time we were in the nap zone. Naps ran right up until dinner followed by a night out with my sister!

During naps I did get a couple of things accomplished. I tried out all of our rugs from the previous house in the school room. I didn't like them. Perhaps now we can remove the two 10-foot rolled rugs from our front hallway? I unpacked two boxes of Montessori materials. Finally, I unpacked the biggest box used during our move (an appliance box) that we stuffed with our larger artwork. This had been sitting in the school room but was moved to the front hallway (the same hallway sporting the rolled rugs) when I started painting. Most of the artwork wound up under beds and dressers for now, but I did manage to prop a couple in the school room and restyled our fireplace mantel. I would post a mantel shot but Kal-El came down from his nap announcing as always "I'm refreshed!" and asked to play a game he learned at BSF today that he called "Midnight." I don't know how representative what he taught me was of what they actually did, but it sounds like a variation of "What Time Is It Mr. Fox?" In Kal-El's version we were supposed to ask "what time is it" and then take the same number of steps as the time stated. If it was "midnight" everyone is supposed to run away frantically. When it was Kal-El's turn to announce the times it was midnight EVERY TIME. Hey! I just realized I "exercised" today"!

Kal-El asked to bring his Bible to BSF today because I do. He proudly showed it to his teacher and they put it in a special place during the class. Coincidentally, today they were learning the song "The Bible is my Treasure Book."

Me Too loves his Bible stories and is clamoring for his own Bible. I love the Bible Kal-El has now
but hesitate to own two copies of the exact same book. What do you think? Should everyone own their own Bible? I hate to miss his window of interest, but if I held him off just a little while Kal-El would be ready for the Early Readers Bible and then I could pass his on to Me Too. It's a little sad though. Me Too is picking up random books around the house, carrying them around and pretending they are "his Bible."

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  1. I'm for having each having their own Bible. Maybe you can move Kal El to the next Bible a bit early and still read it to him?

  2. Have you seen the Spark Story Bible? It is really thorough and my kids love it- I like it because it includes more than just life of Jesus stories in the New Testament. Many of the letters are included as well. My mom worked on the team that published the Spark Kids Bible (a full NRSV). We have multiple copies of both!

  3. My second one really liked having a Bible of her own. I don't think she would not have noticed what type it was as long as she had one to call her own to "follow" with the rest of us.

  4. I find it really helpful to have several different children's bibles around and would also be reticent to purchase two of the same book.
    It is good to hear the stories told in different ways and different art work inspires different responses and leads us to play with the story in new ways. We love the 'Jesus Story Book Bible' and 'The Big Picture Bible' (though the later lacks inspiring illustrations, but both do a great job of telling the biblical story as a single story and not just a collection of tales.)