Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dot Art

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  1. We love dot art, it's simple and for the most part doesn't make a big mess.
    Are you aware of any free dot art worksheet repositories?

  2. Hi Aly,

    We loved it too, thanks for commenting:) You are so right...simple and pretty much mess-free.

    Free dot art worksheet repositories? I don't know if you are seriously asking or lightheartedly poking fun at my coloring book phobia :)

    I threw the coloring book that came with our set in the recycling bin untouched. So yes, I am aware of some free dot art worksheets available in my recycling bin :) After reading the Striker book "Young at Art" I swore off coloring books. Not everyone feels that way (my family thinks I'm kooky) and I have no problem pointing you in the right direction for some freebees.

    I was surprised when I opened the book that came with the set and saw that there was nothing making it any different than a simple coloring book. You could use any coloring book with these that you wished. That is kind of exciting if you are okay with coloring books because you can print free coloring pages for just about any topic your kids are interested in and mix things up using the dot paints anytime you wish.

    A bunch of things come up if you just Google "free coloring pages" but I know a lot of educational sites offer them such as