Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Right Material at the Right Time

I read a beautifully written post today over at My Child's Diary about the color tablets. I encourage you to pop over and read it. The color tablets are one of several materials that seem to not only sit unused in many homeschools, but also really frustrate the parent because when the child starts to use them it seems like they just aren't interested in doing the work properly. My Child's Diary writes about how her daily observation of her son lead to the recognition of just the right time to introduce the material. She also writes about how waiting patiently without interference let her son build up to doing the work properly in his own time. Her thoughts about the purpose of the work outside of "doing the work properly" are also interesting and a worthy reminder for "goal driven" people like myself.

It is the clearest description of the watching and waiting necessary in the Montessori approach and one I hope to emulate in this new year.

You will have to use a translation program to read the post if you cannot read Hebrew. I have the Google translator installed in my toolbar so I only have to push a button that says "English" when I want to read content in another language. It is not a perfect tool as anyone who has ever tried to cheat o internet n their foreign language work using a computer translation knows. I find I prefer to read French and Spanish blogs in their original language as much as possible. But, I don't have a choice with Hebrew. I will also warn you that it seems that Hebrew and Eastern European languages seem to garner much poorer translations using this and similar programs than the romance language do. My theory is that because different language families reflect different perspectives on the world and these programs are most often written by speakers of English the programs fall apart when there is no idea in English to reflect the way something is being said. That said, it is definitely worth the read.

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  1. Thanks so much for linking! I appreciate your effort to understand what I am writing about. Google translator makes such a poor work with Hebrew. I wish I knew French and Spanish myself...

    You might be interested in what I wrote here about the connection I see between Montessori and homeschooling. http://mychilddiary.blogspot.com/2010/12/blog-post.html

    Thanks again!