Monday, January 24, 2011

School Room Renovation Day 13?

I think I missed a few days in here somewhere.... hmmm.

  • The missing piece arrived so I was able to assemble the final bookshelf.
  • We spent some time trying out and rejecting all of our area rugs.
  • Today this table arrived, was assembled, and placed in the school room.

My parents had the boys this weekend! In addition to a little partying we got a lot accomplished around the house.

  • We scouted out new fireplace doors for the family room. Several hours were spent at the "moulding capitol of the United States."
  • We ripped off some of the offensive existing mouldings around the house, mitered some corners, and held up samples of the best moulding the U.S. has to offer and actually PICKED OUT moulding!
  • We did a happy dance after picking the moulding.
  • My husband replaced a bunch of electrical switches and outlets.
  • I painted the foyer and stairwell. One coat made it on the ceilings and another on the walls.
  • I also purchased paint for several other projects (good coupon) and therefore predict a lot of painting in my future.
  • We removed four (yes, four) sets of offensive hardware, broken blinds, and various other window treatment paraphernalia from the ONE window in the family room. That must have been the most overdressed window in American history.
Fun was had by all.

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