Thursday, January 6, 2011

School Room Renovation Day 4

One of the school room walls leads directly into the foyer. Unfortunately it looks like the previous owner removed wallpaper from this wall at one point. Not only did he slice the wallpaper first with a utility knife to lift the seams but he also sliced through the layer of paper on the drywall. Sanding this down makes it worse. We probably should tape the seams and mud it, but when my husband does something like this it always shows. Then I will have several four-inch-wide stripes down my wall instead of little razor blade lines.

The wall is also missing all of its sand texture. Today I painted this section of the wall with Sherwin Williams Hi Build Sand Texture Finish. I also had to patch the drywall that was damaged when I removed the damaged cold air return grill because it was painted to the wall. I also patched the holes from the Aprilaire control we no longer needed and removed.

I am looking forward to getting a coat of paint on the other two walls tomorrow. Also, Pella is doing an in-home consultation for me tomorrow so that I can get their opinions on installing pocket doors to the school room and former dining room as well as a new front door.

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  1. Very nicely tell my brother in law, " one should finish with a drywall knife much wider then four inches. Using a four inch knife is the reason why you have stripes." Tell him to come over when I finish my closet or redo drywall in my basement bathroom. It will blow your mind. Monday much fun especially when it comes to all the things I have done wrong with home improvement.