Friday, January 7, 2011

School Room Renovation Day 5

Today I put the second coat of paint on the two short walls of the school room. The first coat of paint went on the long wall and the bay window. We hope to get the rest of the paint on, the new outlets installed, AND the shelves assembled this weekend. I'm going to be surprised if we get all of that done because we have company for half of the day tomorrow. I definitely will not have time to go fabric shopping for the window seat.

The gentleman from Pella just looked the house over, gave me some quotes, and is on his way. The good news is that he gave me a "thumbs up" on our existing windows and two of our existing exterior doors. We knew we needed a new front door. I was hoping that we could afford to have the opening widened to accommodate sidelights on each side of the door. Sadly, it looks extremely cost prohibitive to do so and I will have to settle for putting some glass in the door itself.

One setback today is that I didn't know that Pella does not carry interior doors so I made no progress on the pocket doors that I want to install. Now I don't know who to call. Hmmmm.

I was hoping to have the school room operating as an educational space by Monday, although it would be by no means "finished." We'll see.

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  1. I'm so impressed with all of your work! Besides making crazy amounts of materials, you can renovate too? Go you!

  2. Can't wait to see who it is turning out. Hope it went well. T.G. is finally getting better so it will be a few days until we can get together with the kids. But I am game for girls night. Autie R

  3. Apparently I can't type so I am looking forward to seeing pictures on your progress and how it is turning out. Auntie R

  4. Pocket doors are not a simple thing. You can order them from Home depot, menards, etc...They have very little in stock, but do have some. You can also go directly from manufactures such as Jeldwin.