Monday, February 7, 2011

Making Progress. Slowly.

I am still on track with my "do one thing a day to get closer to finishing the house" resolution. This weekend my husband and my father completed one project together and began the brainstorming process on several others. Dad, you'll be happy and/or frightened to know as of Sunday afternoon there were several new holes in my bedroom walls that weren't there when you left on Saturday.

The boys and I have been working in the basement. I've been working on organizing the "homeschool storage room" my husband built for me down there. I have boxes and boxes of supplies and although they have basic labels on them it has been really hard to find things. We are going to power through a couple more afternoons to get that finished and then I'll post some photos.

We call that storage room the "Mommy workshop" because it holds just about anything stored in the basement that would interest only the Mommy (homeschooling supplies, out-of-season and hand-me-down kid's clothes, Christmas decorations...). Kal-El was helping me label boxes today (very interested in writing right now) and also made several "No Daddy Allowed" signs to post on the entrance to the storage room. That should help keep things organized.

The boys brought all of their tools down to the basement and kept asking for new "projects" that would "help me." What would have helped the most would have been privacy, but I kept them busy. Me Too spent 30 minutes investigating the parts of a hinge I asked him to "install." Kal-El measured all of the romex (not live) with a caliper. When that wasn't enough, I gave them sandpaper blocks and a big piece of plywood.

In the school room both boys have been spending a lot of time with the geometric solids. Trying to find my geo solids sorting cards and miniature geometric solids to go with them was what inspired me to finally start the big supply organization project. I found the mini-solids today. Hopefully the cards will show up tomorrow. I have been doing my own work while the boys have been doing theirs, so I haven't taken any photos lately.

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  1. An organized storage area sounds wonderful! My son has been interested in geometric solids this week too. Are the miniature solids the ones that go with the mystery bag? I look forward to hearing more about their work in this area and your new insect self.