Wednesday, February 23, 2011

School Day

Both boys worked with the objects in the sound bin for the letter "H." I've noticed that each time a sound bin is rotated onto the shelf Kal-El likes to come up with other words that use that sound throughout the day. Already he has pointed out that "hhhhis hhhheart" have "h" at the beginning and that "aha" has it in the middle.

The objects in our "H" sound bin include the following: horse, hamster, hat, haystack, husky, heart, hammer, hummingbird, hanger, helmet, house, and horseshoes. Me Too had to be given a three-period lesson on much of the vocabulary in this bin. We accomplish period three by playing single object I Spy.

I made some "blue series" materials for Kal-El to help him with blends in his reading. Remember, we are NOT using the pink/blue/green system but rather the Dwyer approach. However, because Kal-El did not start with the Dwyer approach I have to do some things to bridge some gaps. One thing we did today was take a minute and talk about what "g" and "r" sound like blended quickly together and he read the words off of this card.

Kal-El also worked with materials on the insect shelf. He was focused on houseflies today.

He did a huge happy dance after completing the three-part cards.

He also worked with the housefly puzzle from the insect puzzle cabinet. Kal-El was extremely irritated that each body part is not a separate piece. He seemed particularly perturbed that the head and thorax were not separated. Afterwards he took out the housefly model from the insects bag and showed me the names for all of the body parts (head, thorax, abdomen, wings, legs, antennae, compound eyes, mouth).

Kal-El also chose to write some double-letter sounds in the sand tray.


Apparently he needs a refresher on the letter "S." (sh)

Me Too was busy working with the red rods.

He was trying to use them to imitate Kal-El's addition work with the number rods which you can sort of see from the configuration of his final product.

He demonstrated the other day that he could do them correctly very easily. I think I should just present him with the number rods so he can do this properly if he wishes to.

Me Too also asked me to represent the binomial cube and this time it clicked. He had a very successful work session with the cube today and repeated the work 12 times.

Me Too also worked on hammering golf tees, the housefly puzzle, and the geometric solids.

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  1. Hello from France!

    I’ve just discovered Dwyer’approach with your link. I’ll try to find more details about it because it's interesting! Thanks !

  2. I really enjoy reading your school day post. They are always so inspirational! Thank you for sharing.