Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Broken

Well, it took a third trip to the doctor to find it, but he does have a broken bone. The first doctor only bothered to examine the top of his foot when the broken bone was at the bottom of one of the long bones in the leg. He'll have a cast for 3.5 weeks. The good news is that pretty soon he'll be able to walk on that cast. I was pretty sore from carrying a 42 lb five-year-old around for five days.

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  1. Oh my!!! I know what does that feel....My daughter just had a fracture on January and she had a cast for 6 weeks...a little hard for mommy whenever she had to take a bath (she's only 2 and a half)...Hope your little one gets to feel better soon! and you too....mine weights almost the same and I can't carry her...ufff

  2. Poor guy. Although he looks pretty happy! My friend's two year old broke his femur and had to stay in bed for two weeks and in the hospital for six!!! Imagine trying to keep a two year old still for that long!